Limited time for sales of itmes via cs cart


I was wondering if we could set up a limited time sales using cs cart, like the deal of the day sites where there is a time ticker?

Thanks in Advance

Setup time limited promotion?



Webgraphiq has a deal of the day mod that does what you ask.

It’s on this page: [URL=“”]Search results

There are others who make mods for cs-cart that post on the forum, but I have not seen this type of mod anywhere else. I may get this mod myself.

I am doing a weekly deal now. No count down timer. I just used timed promotions and have expiration date stated in title of block with the products. I can’t “expire” the block, so I just deactivate at the end of the week.


Thank you so much for the responses. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

You could use our Reverse Auction addon and have the starting price and the minimum price be a penny apart…


Documentation is in the attachements tab.

Might address your problem easily.