Limit Search Results


i have a cs-cart 2.2.4 store … and i want to limit return search results … to 100 for example !

i think that a search that return much more results it's done for nothing … it's incorect and no one will spend time to actually loop throught more results !

so how can i do that ?!

directly from ??? … i've tried there to put a LIMIT 100 to the search query … but it is the same !


Please open the core/fn.catalog.php file and add the following line:

$total = (AREA == 'C' && !empty($params['search_performed']) && $total > 100) ? 100 : $total;

after this one:

$total = db_get_found_rows();

Hope this will help.


i found only this in fn.catalog.php ( i have 2.2.4 version of cs-cart)

if (!empty($items_per_page)) {

$total = !empty($total)? $total : db_get_found_rows();

fn_paginate($params['page'], $total, $items_per_page);

} else {

$total = count($products);



i want this limit ( for example 100) to be in query search function … so the serach query to return only first 100 matches … nothing more !



Another code modification is required for old CS-Cart versions. We will check it

hi Dragos,

our specialists will be glad to make this small customization for you so please don't hesitate to contact us

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WSA team

Try to add:

$total = (AREA == 'C' && !empty($params['search_performed']) && $total > 100) ? 100 : $total;

after this line:

$total = !empty($total)? $total : db_get_found_rows();


yes that's working !

i search this function db_get_found_rows() … and it's actually get's :

“Get the number of found rows from the last query”

… from the database performance point … couldn't we set this limitaion in the query section !

right now … with this solution we impose limitation to the rendering part of the page … not to the database query !

in what phase we use function from … fn_search() … function ?!



Your question is not quite clear. Please clarify