Limit Pictures In Vendor Package

i think this can be easily integrated .

limit pictures in vendor package.


gold can upload max to 5 pictures for one product

premium can upload max to 10 pictures for one product

unlimited can upload max to 20 pictures for one product

this makes packages more chosable


Yes this can easily be done. If you desire a quote, please contact us at

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there are many things that are needed, but lets start with the easy one integrations.

for us that just started it is a bit hard hiring someone doing the required modifications. im glad there are companies that release addons so we can share the costs.

but still beginners need a jumpstart.

many vendors don't want to pay before they start selling , i have seen at shopclues diferent fees for different categories, it is a great strategy.

we have to check the addons offered at marketplace. even if we share the costs there are some addons that still costs to much.