Limit of Exceptions ?

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I just realized that I can use checkboxes instead of drop downs for many item wedding ensembles…and I am just tickled pink :smiley: It is much easier for me to set up new collections & easier for the customer.

the PROBLEM is…I don’t know if there is a limit as to how many items can be in a set of option exceptions. Please bear with me while I show what I have:

glasses checkbox

add engraving checkbox (global)

cake server set checkbox

add engraving checkbox (global)

font choice dropdown (global)

engraving details text (global)

flower basket checkbox

ring pillow checkbox

candle checkbox

optional tapers checkbox (global)

garter checkbox

pen set checkbox

guest book checkbox

engraving plate dropdown (global)

engraving details text (global)

ensemble discount checkbox

When I try to set up any exceptions, I go through the entire list for the very first exception, and the list is blank and no exception is set up. Is there a limit as to how many items can be involved ? [COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]When these same options were set up as drop downs, there were no problems…[/COLOR]

I had to hide this page because it does not work properly:[/COLOR]