Limit backend template data per user


I want limit what Vendor can see in the CMS outside of the built-in permissions. e.g. We don't want vendors to see ANY customer data. I need to find the logged in user type and then I can restrict quite easily. e.g.

{if $profile_fields.B}

[color=#ff0000] {if logged user != “vendor”} // I want to do this[/color]

{if $user_data.b_firstname || $user_data.b_lastname}

{$user_data.b_firstname} {$user_data.b_lastname}



{if $user_data.b_address}



{if $user_data.b_address_2}



{if $user_data.b_city || $user_data.b_state_descr || $user_data.b_zipcode}

{$user_data.b_city}{if $user_data.b_city && ($user_data.b_state_descr || $user_data.b_zipcode)},{/if} {$user_data.b_state_descr} {$user_data.b_zipcode}


{if $user_data.b_country_descr}



{include file=“views/profiles/components/profile_fields_info.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.B}

{if $user_data.b_phone}




The main problem I'm having is where do I locate the logged in user data?

Any help would be much appreciated.