Limit 1 product in cart

is there an option like that?

only allow 1 product per cart, can’t add another product.

thank you

disable the cart, and direct to checkout, is it possible to do this in cs-cart?

i mean basic feature.

Or add a checkout.pre.php controller that check each add and generates a nice message if more than one item is trying to be added.

is there a basic built-in feature to disable a cart? after product add to cart straightly direct to checkout page?

thanks tbirnseth

The default behavior when “Add to cart” is clicked is to present an dialog box with “Continue Shopping” or “Checkout” buttons. If they click “Checkout” the system looks to see if you have the option set for always go to cart before checkout (default is not to). If it's set, takes you to the cart. If not set, takes you to checkout. But clicking Continue Shopping will allow them to add more items to the cart.

There is no standard way that I'm aware of where you can limit the number of products or quantities of products in the cart.