Like the brickwork template except for the top part where I am losing to much real

real estate.

Looking at other skins if I could use the brickwork skin for the colours and everything else but get the top part layout from the default skin then that would gain me the real estate back.

By the top part I mean the bit that includes the logo - the links - the search - the sign in - the cart - the currency - the language.

On the default blue skin these elements are spread along the top.

On the brickwork skin they go down the right hand side and so take up more depth of space.

Could anyone please give me some pointers on how I should be approaching this. I sort of assume it should be quite easy but might well be miles off track.


I usually start with default blue. Colors and images don’t mean much because all elements can be customized using css, images and the templates. I choose default blue because it’s easy to delete and add elements. If you play around you’ll get the hang of it.