Lifetime Product In Cart

We now exact where to change lifetime of cart ?

I know i change it from 2 weeks in to 1 day but work only for anonymous users(not register)

If i add some product to cart( X, Y), after that on checkout sign in with my account.... he add another old products from few days a go....after my X and Y allready added

I guess i broke english language again :(


When a customer doesn’t sign in, he or she can still add products to cart. These products are stored in a so-called session. The session’s life time is determined by the following code in config.php:

// Sessions storage live time
define(‘SESSIONS_STORAGE_ALIVE_TIME’, SECONDS_IN_DAY * 7 * 2); // 2 weeks
This also determines for how long a customer stays signed in if he or she doesn’t visit your store.

Yes... i change this to one day

But work only for anonymous users (not sign in)

If user sign in still get oldest products in cart

// Number of seconds in one hour (for different calculations)
define('SECONDS_IN_HOUR', 60 * 60); // one hour

// Number of seconds in one day (for different calculations)
define('SECONDS_IN_DAY', SECONDS_IN_HOUR * 24); // one day

// Live time for permanent cookies (currency, language, etc...)
define('COOKIE_ALIVE_TIME', SECONDS_IN_DAY * 24); // one day

// Session live time
define('SESSION_ALIVE_TIME', SECONDS_IN_HOUR * 2); // 2 hours

// Sessions storage live time
define('SESSIONS_STORAGE_ALIVE_TIME',  SECONDS_IN_DAY * 1 * 0); // 1 days

When I check Abandoned / Live carts I see many carts containing "deleted product", why are those not removed / disapear ?