Lifestyle24 - Responsive Cs-Cart Theme

Hi All,

Today we are proud to present you our latest CS-Cart 4 theme.



Lifestyle24 CS-Cart Theme is specially designed for clothing, jewelry and accessoires webshops. It has a very clean look and is 100% responsive.

Theme features:[list]

[]Full Width Slider

]Parallax Scrolling

[]Font Awesome

]Scrolling Topmenu

[]Intuitive Search

]Instagram Plugin

[]CSS3 Animations

]Fancy Effects


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Looks good, but didn't like that the breadcrumbs keep getting hidden behind the scrolling topmenu. Other than that nice looking theme.

4.3.1 compatible?

Hi Kogi,

Not yet. We are still waiting for the update.

4.3.1 is only available for download.

Hi Mash,

He was asking "Is it " v4.3.x compatible? Your website only says “CS-Cart v4.2.x Compatible”.

Can you provide the current\latest version tested and verified to be 100% compatible with? Perhaps add to your original post above…

Do you offer updates for 12+ months?

How much to renew after the first year? e,g, 50%?

Great looking theme - but the “Worldwide Delivery”, “24\24 Customer Support” and “Free Return” blocks of text are the same colour as the background. (The site was very very slow to load @ Home - Partners Online)

We have update the theme.

We provides 12 months free support, but only on bugs in our theme. We don't fix CS-Cart bugs.


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Now available for CS-Cart 4.3.6


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Fully compatible with the latest CS-Cart version.