Liaison between Joomla and CS-Cart 2.2


I'm there, I installed two CMS: Joomla 1.7 and Map 2.2 CS

There's no problem to install it all on the same domain.

Field in Joomla / index.php

CS Cart in field / store / index.php

My problem, I wonder if the store has the same template as that of Joomla.

  • The skin should be customized using CSS style template for Joomla.
  • The skin should incorporate the functions and BottomMenu MegaMenu Joomla Joomla. (this will be a second stage)

    So why in the logic, it seems feasible, but I'd like some help on how to structure tags CSS CS Cart.

    I dove three hours, I do not pull any results, I am lost in investments structural CSS.

    Maybe I can count on help from someone who knows better than I CSS.

    And we could all move on rewriting, with little compensation …

    Contact me:

    My first question: what should I change to the size of the central area of ​​CS Cart do 1200 pixels, centered on the width of the web page?