Legal Adjustments

Hello cs.cart forum members,

I really fall in love with cs-cart multivendor, but there are a lot of things to make...

In Germany it is strictly needed that the vendors adds an "General terms and conditions" and "Revocation terms" etc. and because of this things, I wanted to add in the Vendors Area, under the "vendor informations" and the "add product" views, another tabs like "Legal Terms", as you can see in the pictures, uploaded/attached.

I've truly searched the ftp files for how can do this, but I can't finde the template files for this menu's...

And I think, it is better that this question is answered or this problem solved here in this forum, for the other users, so they can do this for the next time with reading it...

I thank all to you for your helps in advance...!



It is required to change not only template files, but .php files and database. Hire someone from this forum to make this modifications.

Also we suggest you to add this request to the bug tracker. If this feature is required by your laws, hope CS-Cart team will add it in the nearest release.

Ha ha

Why I have to hire someone, when I'm a web developer...?

Ha ha

Why I have to hire someone, when I'm a web developer...?

In this case check how the new tabs can be added to different items. I suggest you to check the built-in Attachments module and Attachment tab on the Update product page