Left emenu - lines not showing

Hi all,

I am having a hard time with the emenu (on the left column, with the categories) which refuses to show the in-between lines "

  • " in the code (in page views/categories/components/menu_items.tpl)

    I can see them grayed-out in firebug but cannot enable them…

    The code in the tpl is:

    {if $separated && !$smarty.foreach.$foreach_name.last}

  • {/if}

    I removed the "if" statements but still the lines didn't appear... The are there allright (grayed out) but HOW can I enable them?

    Thanks for any kind help

    check the class “h-sep” in the styles.css file.

    Not sure if is necessary any changes in the tpl file. What template are you in?

    Did you change your menu using the My Changes addon? If so, you probably created your own style sheet. If that is the case, you will need to move the image:




    Hope that helps, but if it doesn’t, maybe post a link.


    Thanks for the answers…

    The problem was in the dropdown.css (line 110)

    where there was:

    ul.dropdown li.h-sep { display: none; }

    which had to be changed to:

    display: block;

    That solved the problem and the lines appeared again…