I am trying to understand this whole layouts system.

It seems pretty straightforward, but it is not.

I have multiple layouts created. (note: the site I am working on was created by someone else, thus the multiple layouts)

Whenever i switch layouts, it doesn't seem like the changes take effect on the frontend. Sometimes they seemed to work soemtimes they don't.

I have cleared the cache on the browser end, cleared it using storage>clear cache on the control panel end and used the system. I even used another browser.

I even went into template editor and changed the Development settings >Rebuild cache automatically to both on and off and NONE of those seem to fix the problem.

Does anyone know why the switching of layouts would not effect my front end?

I even went into one of the layouts and selected default as I read that has something to do with this layouts system but I am not sure why there is a default option. default for what? if I change layouts that should be the layout that is activated.

I am starting to think the test platform I have been given to use is having issues as cs-cart seems very glitchy, or maybe I just don't fully understand it or am missing the little details, (like the default layout check box, these cache systems etc)