Layout Export Directly From Server

Hello all,

does anyone know if there is some possibility to export a layout of the home page directly from the server?

It is a particular situation - we don't have access to dashboard or frontend, but we have access to server (database and all the files) and we need to copy the layout of the homepage.



Anyone? :)

There is no easy way to it. It is easier to create create special script which will login you to admin panel (if your client does not forbid it)

Thanks you eComLabs,

It is not about a client... it is us :)). We had a development site and we forgot to pay the domain :)) so we cannot acces site, only the server and we had a layout there that we wanted. Pretty dumb... Anyway, we will build that layout all over....

Thank you for your answer!


I can suggest you to create website backup and restore it on the local server