Latest Php And Cart Stability


Although cs cart is compatible with latest PHP (only according to the docs), still doubt.

Has anyone tried PHP 7.2.6 or at least 7.1.18 with CS CART 4.7.4? Is it stable? specially with payment systems like Servired.

I've not noticed any issues. If there are, you will see it in your PHP error_log. They don't use anything specific to any of the newer versions of PHP for compatibility with the oler versions like 5.6.

the problem was with Servired payment on 4.6.2 when I tried to use 7.1.18 it just did not work. So I had to use 7.0.30 (functioned correct). Since now it is already 4.7.4 may be it is already fixed for new PHP versions. Well I will give it a try.

What was the message you saw in your php error_log related to the payment? Probably a 'deprecated' message.

Yes, it was

“PHP message: PHP Deprecated: Function mcrypt_encrypt() is deprecated in

app/payments/servired_files/apiRedsys.php on line 54” while reading response header from upstream

It does not appear that they have altered the apiRedsys.php file to adjust mcrypt_encrypt() function.

Suggest you both contact helpdesk and have them patch your file appropriately AND submit a bug report in bugtracker.

ok, thank you. I will post it to bugtracker