Larger Font for Price

I can not find where to increase font for larger dollar amount for the actual price

Sale Price: $107.99

Not sale price but the $107.99 part for each item

Like this?

Couldn't you just add:

.price span {

Or maybe:

.price span.price {

To you style sheet?

The price on the product details page is a span within a span, so I'm not sure which one would be better.

Hope that helps.


That is what I am looking for jesse thanks I will try your way brandon I have used alot of your codes for 1.3.5 and still running fine on our other site

I checked style and can not see where I could add or edit for the price, would it be for a product price or is there a faster way to search I see there is a style.ei as well


.product-prices {

padding-top: 7px;


.prices-container {

padding-bottom: 5px;


.compact .text-button, .compact .text-button:visited, .compact .text-button:hover, .compact .text-button:active, .compact .text-button-act, .compact .text-button-act:visited, .compact .text-button-act:hover, .compact .text-button-act:active {

font-size: 85%;

background-position: right 5px;


It should be in styles.css

.price {
color: #063;
font-size: 123%;

(I changed my size and color a bit)