Large Number of Items in Cart - What is doing this?


Occasionally, I look at abandon carts. The majority are not associated with accounts.

Every once in a while, I have in the cart unusually high amounts for an item. For example today, one has 842 of an item. Yesterday, three separate carts over the day: 674, 681 items. All the items are one product.

This does not adversly affect me in any way, but just curious if anyone else sees this and knows what is could be causing it. The quantity dropdown does go over 1000. The normal purchase is 1 for these products. They are not inventoried.



Hi Bob

We occassionaly get high numbers, but usually low hundreds and mostly items which you wouldn't by more than a few of. We always think it is people from competitors trying to see what stock you have!

Of course if they choose an item that's not tracked then they can't find out!!! LOL


Or simply malicious users/software that are trying to disrupt your business by locking down your stock (some carts debit inventory when added to the cart, not in checkout).