Large Db Backup Issue


my cscart_order_data became almost 400MB (30.000 lines). The total DB is 425MB. Is that normal?

Since this table is too large backing up always stuck on that table.

Server params are ok

max_execution_time 3600

max_input_time 3600

memory_limit 1024M

post_max_size 1000M

config.php define('DB_ROWS_PER_PASS', 4000);

Any suggestions what to do with this table? Can it be optimized? (to flush old orders is not the option)

After backup test on localhost I get the error:

fatal error maximum execution time of 3600 seconds.

Why does it take more than 1 hour to back up and compress? I mean 425MB DB it is a lot but 1 hour it is too much.