Language Values Importing

Hi Guys

I have a client with an old shop in CS-Cart 2.2.5. They use English and Spanish only.

I have build a new site for them in 4.3.5 and now need to add their translation changes to it. BUT the language import doesn't add anything. I says 3500 object. Non added. I am assuming it can't update any existing values to the new translated values (spelling correction). Only possibly add new items only.

Is there a way to import the corrected values to update those as standard in 4.3.5. Thin is, the Spanish is littered with typos, CS must have used Google translate to do them?

I went into php/myadmin/MySQL and don't see a merge command. Only rename table, flush, delete etc.

The language values table in 4.3.5 has 11,000 entries, the 2.2.5 table has 7,200 entries so CS has added a lot more since, thus I can't replace the whole table as it may break the site?

Any help would be great guys.

In the old versions language code was in upper case, in the newest version - in the lower one. Try to correct your csv file before importing. E.g. replace "EN" with "en"

Hope it will help