Language Translator Widget & Gadget

For years I've wanted to add languages to my CS-Cart store, but didn't want the overhead it brings, or the enormously time consuming task of translating all the content for each language.

While demonstrating a design of a new corporate CMS website for a client, who needs their website available in 12 -13 languages, I had a conversation with their DB Admin and he stated he has had great success with Microsoft's Translator Widget.

I went back to my office, did a little research on it and immediately added the widget to my CS-Cart store. So far, it has performed as designed and immediately translates ALL the content on the page to the user-selected language (including right-to-left languages, Traditional Chinese and Klingon).

It took 10 minutes to implement by just adding the code to an HTML block, dropping it into the Layout and tweaking some CSS so it displays appropriately in my header.

Here is a link to the widget:

Other than the obvious “3rd party, real-time provided service, caveats” (i.e. the service provider is not available), what do you guys think of this as a substitute for CS-Cart's multi-language functions?

Google has a gadget too. You have to be logged into your Google account to get it:

Make Your Website available in 100+ Languages - Google Translate

We use Google translate tied into the site and it works great!