Language Translations and text errors

I'm still struggling with adding languages. I need to add Chinese (simplified & traditional) and Japanese to a V3.0 cs-cart store.

I can't find a file to purchase so need to create my own.

Part 1. How to simplify the export file to customer variables only?

I want to send a file to a translating company and then re-import. However, the price quotes I'm getting are outrageous (about $1000 per language). I could cut this way down if I could figure out what variables are needed to be translated. I only want to translate the variables that are part of the customer experience. There is no need to translate any admin terms.

Is there any way to identify the customer oriented variables?

I tried to download some of the other translations and they are very inconsistent. Even the total number of variables don't match.

I'm just looking to create a spreadsheet with columns for “Name” “Value” “Language” with just the customer oriented variables (hopefully this reduces the number of variables down considerably from the ~4800).

Part 2 of the question related to garbled text of export…

When I export other languages such as Spanish, I get garbled text.

For instance,

English = Action

Spanish = Acción (but it should be 'Acción')

Same with French

English = About Us

French = "À propos de nous (should be 'A propos de nous')

I'm also looking for a solution to this problem. As I want French and Spanish translations on the customer side, but english on the admin side. I also don't want the funny characters to show.

language variables are not customer or admin. There's no concept to separate the two and I don't think their should be. 'orders" should translate to Orders in either the admin or customer area.

If you want to extract the language variables, just export the langguage_values table for the 'EN' language (Eg. in phpMyAdmin, do a search for lang_code = 'EN' and then export the results as a spreadsheet.

You can then go change whatever you want and change the language code to your new code and simply import the results.

Funny characters can be avoided by ensuring your phpMyAdmin (and your site's my.cnf file) is using utf-8 for the connection. If you want to convert your spreadsheet to a SQL import, then you can simply “restore” that file within cs-cart and all the connection issues are handled for you.