Language For Buy With 1-Click

There is zero description of what happens when a customer uses "Buy now with 1-click", so I added a bit of language to the text/languages data:
Value = We will take this item OUT OF STOCK and hold it for you
Language variable = 1_click_message
And added the variable to this template:
Line 14:



It remains to be seen if this will be used by customers - but at least they will know what is happening if they fill out the form.

Does anybody use this addon?

How do you update the order that it creates with the customer's Shipping and Billing addresses? I have a customer with an account, logged into his account, who used Buy Now with 1-click and the order that is "Awaiting Payment" doesn't have any of his account information in it. It feels dumb asking him to give me this information verbally, so there's a burden on me to update his order with his addresses by jumping back and forth between two screens and copying and pasting. I should only have to go over it with him on the phone to confirm his address and make changes if necessary.

Also, 1-Click is a companion addon to Call Requests.

I've just set up Call Requests and immediately notice that the "Convenient Time" fields don't include a time zone.

When the customer schedules a call, I assume they are using their own time zone - and all I have is their phone number and country code, or area code. Am I supposed to look up the phone number, find it geographically and then look up the time zone manually?