Landing Page- To Navigate To Marketplace After

HI everyone,

Im looking to have a simple landing page as the first people see when visiting.


- exactly how this looks now

In the header, I will have 2 menu options,

1. vendor login

2. customer login

Followed by a logo/banner and then 3 simple navigation boxes.

1. Become a member

2. Browse Market as guest

3. Become a vendor

At this landing page I will direct become a member/vendor to a sign up page etc

I created a new Layout template, changed to index.index and as a defualt page to do this so far. ( not sure if this is correct )

But how do I get it so I have this landing page layout and when a user clicks on " Browse Market as guest" they are directed to our store/marketplace, show our standard marketplace menus etc..

Is there a simple way to accomplish this? Hope this was clear, if not I can clarify.

if i understand it right all is ok except redirecting guests ?

just create a page like "homepage" and do the redirect, on click or on timeout or using meta whatever