Labs logins not working

The labs admin / admin logins no longer work:

working for me OK.


Vel i can log in but not to the admin area… it says the admin username it not in emailform. :-/ so ill gues we must wait until it resets

Laps is not working for me to, have been trying for a few days now but it just keeps saying “The username or password you have entered is invalid. Please try again.” any idias? :-)

same here. they do have the 3 demo at Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days also if your looking for that.

I'm trying to access the CS-Cart Labs to see the new admin skin but every time i long in a get this popup asking something about license but no matter what I do the popup will not go away and it will not let me access CS-Cart Labs.

CS-Cart Team please get this fixed so we can see your up to date work.

Hello guys,

Thank you for the information, we will fix this shortly.

It's fixed.