Knowledge Base - Imported Fields Format (error in document)

Hello, spent an hour last night trying to figure out why my “secondary categories” where duplicating categories upon importing products. The Knowledge Base article “Import Fields Format” shows the format required to import secondary categories however the example shown is incorrect. It shows the following "Computers///New products; Computers///Desktops" which has a space between the semicolon and the next category. This duplicates the category in the root and creates a big mess. There needs to be no space (white space) of any kind in the secondary categories field when importing the products. Once I removed the space the products imported correctly and no category duplication was present. Further more… when exporting products the exported csv or “file” creates a white space (space) behind each “;” semicolon which creates the above problem when importing the products back in. I believe this has been an issue since 4.0.2 as I saw a topic about this a few months ago.


I have added a bug tracker about this a few weeks ago and the issue has been confirmed,


I have just noticed a fix posted in the bug tracker, I did not get notified, Seems to be a problem with notification being sent on bug fixes.

I have not tried it.


Hi Qbasix

I tested the fix and it work ok, The space is still added to the third and forth category when imported and exported but it is ignored on re-import

I tested this up four categories, even added the same one twice one with and one without a space and only one was created


Hello, Thank you for getting back to me on this problem and indeed you had identified it and they fixed it very shortly after! Good service. I'm surprised no one else found it before, I guess most people don't use the import function to import thousands of products all the time. I don't know why but I cant make a carriage return on this forum (new line)… “enter” or new line key doesn't go to a new line so all my posts are one single line! arghhh… Thanks again.