Something that is seriously needed is the ability to put together assemblies (kits). This would be a bundle of existing products that can be sold as a single item and each item is tracked in inventory.

the product configurator addon is in the works…

Excellent, thank you.

Any guess on an eta? 1.3.4 perehaps? :smiley:

According to this post: [url][/url] , it is under development as we speak and may be in the final version of 1.3.4.

Of course, until it actually is released, that is tentative. :slight_smile:

Has this been included in 1.3.4? Is it stable yet to upgrade? Is there a working installer?

Read…CS-Cart Version 1.3.4 released!

We are very proud to announce the new release of CS-Cart software, with more powerful modules and functions.

Affiliate module

Product configurator

Feature comparison

Gift Registry

QuickBooks export

MaxMind antifraud integration

SEO URLs(uses Apache mod_rewrite module)