I was looking at each item on or any and the same description are used on top on every item. I change each item title,keyword and description but all stays the same, do I need to generate html catalog for every item or how do we get to show up, I am using older version and have not generated html catalog for some time and site has been up for 3 plus years

I also noticed the meta.tpl is on top of title tags, is this corect or is it needing to be moved around to get higher rankings. Here is index top

{include file="meta.tpl"}


{if $page_title}
{foreach from=$breadcrumbs item=i name="bkt"}
{if $smarty.foreach.bkt.index==1} - {/if}{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.first}{$i.title|escape}{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.last} :: {/if}{/if}