Kettle Care

The site is up and running smoothly.

We sell 100% natural body care products.

Check us out.

Nice touch with the green thickbox background :smiley:

Looking very sleek !

Ditto on the above.

I dont usually like stores using the default skins but I think this one suits your store and you can get away with it :wink:

hi JosiahW

Yes looking very nice good choice of skin.

Question? when you click view larger image, in the box it says 3 of 3 images.

And as SWS said “Nice touch with the green thickbox background” been play a bit more with my thickbox.

Thank you for all of your compiments guys. I had alot of help with the thickbox mod. I dont know why it displays image 3 of 3 but will work on it. If you need any help getting the colors to change on the thickbox mod just let me know and I will be glad to help.

It was kind of a pain to change the colors of all the image files for the skin but I think it paid off. I cant wait to see what new skins come out in 1.3.5.

I’ve just fixed that JosiahW,

Zardos you’ve got time mate, and you clear your cache and let us know if it’s still there? I’m not getting the 3 of 3 images at the moment but… you know…

Hi JesseLeeStringer

Are we talking about “JosiahW site” if so 3 of 3 must be fixed but pre and next are not working.


[quote name=‘zardos’]Hi JesseLeeStringer

Are we talking about “JosiahW site” [/quote] Yes I’m modding it at the moment,

[quote name=‘zardos’]

if so 3 of 3 must be fixed but pre and next are not working.

[URL=“”][/URL][/quote] I’ve got ‘next’ to work, previous doen’t seem to like me much.

I still can’t find reference to 3 of 3 images as it only displays 2 images, forgive me if I’m a little lost

JosiahW had a USPS shipping issue which has since been fixed but we’re without the skin mods that he’s done hence working with a seemingly broken skin w/mods. I think the previous/next mod isnt’ installed 100% but I’m working on that at the moment

reference to 3 of 3 images seems to be fixed, but when you have a detailed image the next and prev in thickbox are not working right.

Example: [url][/url]

I think it should say 1 of 1 or 1 of 2

I’m installing the Previous/Next mod…

The funny thing is that both the images are the same.

Going to install and see now

I still can’t seem to get the previous working properly… starting to bug me as I’ve installed it 3 times already from the skin_respository

any ideas?