Keeping Track Of Free Gifts For Customers

Hi guys…Does anyone know if it is possible to keep track of free gifts that I send my customers. For example…I send out embroidered gifts such as Koozies, hats and Aprons that I buy from my parents embroidery business to give to my customers. I have sent out pens too. I would like to be able to give away more fun stuff but I can never remember who has received what and I really don’t want to duplicate gift giving because of the obvious reasons :grin: Any help would be so greatly appreciated :-o Thanks CS Cart Gurus!

You can create them as products with a zero price and then add them to the orders.

Yes, use products with zero price. Then you can track these orders using the Advanced search on the Manage orders page in the back-end.

Oh now that is a brilliant idea!!! Thank you so much!