KB Publisher Database Help for FAQ

I’m trying to install Snorocket’s KB Publisher for a faq on my website. I am getting an error with the database as pictured above.

In the config.in.php I have changed the db_user & db_password to reflect the database, but cannot get in? Any solutions??

Hey Sno…do you have any more in-depth instructions for this addon? I plan to donate to the mod club if I can ever get this thing working.



Snorocket. The FAQ is a great mod! Thank you for all your help. It is people like you who make CS-Cart superior to the other shopping cart solutions!


so did you fix it?

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]so did you fix it?[/QUOTE]

All Fixed with Snorockets help: His solution below:

just so others know, this was just a minor cpanel issue, the cpanel account name prefix was missing, for example, if your cpanel account name is mycart, and the username for your database is myuser, and your password is mypassword, then the actual, username and password is prefixed with the cpanel account name, so the actual username/password is:

Username: mycart_myuser

Password: mycart_mypassword

Have Fun - Sno


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Thanks Sno