Kaspersky False Positives?

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I had this when I went out to a cs-cart site listed in the forums, I made note of it in that thread. With our sites (ver 2.2.1 and 2.1.1) I don't have kaspersky kickup any warnings.

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Looks good now, I guess kaspersky was just a wee bit touchy.

Thank you for all your help, submitted logs to Kaspersky and they have sorted it their end. Looks like Kaspersky is a little over zealous with its heuristics!

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That's why I always go for Norton.


I still prefer Kaspersky over Norton even though Norton's has improved greatly over their products of 3 years ago and beyond. I have hundreds of clients I do clean up work for on their pc's and then install Kaspersky on their computer. Never had a customer come back to me with Virus/Malware issues afterward. Most of the time they have Mcafee installed originally, but I have seen Norton on occasion as well.

[quote]That’s why I always go for Norton. [/quote]

Using Norton is like having unprotected sex, personally I would rather have an occasional “False Positive” :o

ESET or Kaspersky, pick one and don’t leave home without it!