Justuno Instant Coupons

Has anyone integrated this widget into a CS-Cart store?

You can create a widget here: [url=“http://www.justuno.com/”]http://www.justuno.com/[/url]

I saw it at this website: [url=“http://www.funkyhoney.co.uk/”]http://www.funkyhoney.co.uk/[/url] and thought it would be a great addon for CS-Cart.

I am going to attempt an integration myself, if I have any success I will post it here.


Seems like a nice incentive. When you click the google +1 you get the coupon then you can remove the google +1 and still get the coupon which suck a little but otherwise I like to see this as an addon.


You might wanna check out http://shareyourcart.com, too. In my oppinion, works better.

Hi Adela, I see on your compatible cart page that cs-cart isn't part of the list. Can you confirm it is working with cs-cart?

Also, can you show a website that is using it.



Hey all! We were helping Simon with his integration and he said it was very easy. Essentially all you need to do is find your Global Footer settings and paste you embed code there (It's usually a “Misc Html” field). We are working on creating a how to document for all CS customers. Looking forward to sharing a lot more features with you next week too!