Just upgraded on of my carts to 2.1.1 and its causing the 2.1.15 to go crazy

Just upgraded on of my carts to 2.1.1 and its causing another 2.0.15 cart to go crazy - with high loads comming from the 2.0.15’s index page

I dont know if the file cache on one cart is affecting the other 2.0.15 cart becuase shortly after uprage the 2.0.15 is now messing up

I am going to change the file cache to sqlite and see if that does anything becuase the index page of the 2.0.15 cart is causing loads of up-to 20

ANy ideas from anyone?


Okay I just changed the cache method to sqlite and cleared the cache on the 2.1.1 and now the 2.0.15 cart is working fine for the moment

Is there an issue with having different carts on the same server using different cache methods?

For some strange reason on the 2.0.15 cart the index page started using up 100% cpu and now its okay

Will check whats going on…

I hope this is not the start of a nightmare like pre 2.0.15…

I am on a dedicated box, just 5 sites on it btw…

I thought I might have been dos attacked but on server guys said its not:

“No, DoS attacks look much different, there’s hardly any connections, it is just that a single page load takes over a minute to complete, and it uses up all the CPU while its running, so it is doing some heavy number crunching of some kind in php, there’s no long queries happening in mysql either.”

So its definetly the cache method on one cart causing the other cart to go crazy… hope th esqlite method does not do the same…

okay server loads back down to 0.14… will let you guys know how stable sqlite is…

now 0.07

PHP Version 5.2.14