Just introducing myself as a beleiver in Smarty

Hello all

Like the title says i am here just to introduce myself and just moving over from another very similar shopping cart beginning with ‘X’.

Anyway i have not installed this fully but am looking forward to it. If, as i assume it will be, has similar coding Characteristics as my last cart then i bring with me a wealth of mods coding knowledge that may be open for questions.

Anyhow that all for now



Welcome to the CS Cart =). I think you will find this a much better shopping cart solution then X. Good luck with your good luck with your store!



[quote name=‘Demon Templates’]beginning with ‘X’[/QUOTE]

Yeah, everyone celebrate, this is great news that you have left X-Craap, CS includes over $1000 in FREE addons and modules that you would have to buy from the dirtball modders over at the X-Craap and theres more FREE addons coming, the biggest mod of the year is coming…this is amazing news Richard.

For example, you have FREE, right now:

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that’s $100+ in mods right there you’d have to buy from those dirtballs…everybody save your X-Craap friends…

Welcome…you won’t look back…except to smile :cool:

Welcome Demon, the more mods the merrier :smiley:


Thanks for your comments and it great to be here. All of you are correct, this is a great cart, its just a shame i did not come across ot earlier as i have tried nearly all tha carts out there and this IS the best there is.

Congrats to those Devs for a great job done, regardless if you are of where at one time connected with X