Just Checkout?

in a nutshell - not really from my experience - since the template files would need to be worked in etc - you would be better to just change your current site to be cs-cart - this would be the simplest way to go - especially with such a small amount of products would be an easy change

good luck

Actually I think it is quite doable, though not necessarily easy. I have been told by cs-cart it is possible and was given an example site where they did just as you are considering (afraid I don’t have the link anymore).

The ‘add to cart’ links (buttons, or whatever) can be created via the ‘generate html catalog’ function, and the code cut and pasted into your html. (Actually that’s a lot safer than actually implementing the html catalog in it’s current form for reason’s I won’t bother you with right now). I haven’t identified everything, but you’ll need to use some specific javascript and other code that can mostly be stolen from the default html catalog files generated by CS-Cart.

I’d think with some help from the support team, it wouldn’t take that much to get up and running. I’ve thought about doing so as an interim step for my current static site just to stop paying for my hosted cart that I have very little control over, and is functionally lacking (i.e coupon support, images, links to products, etc). But I’m dealing with 150 or so products … different story.

Customizing the standard CS templates to match an existing site is a big undertaking, I totally understand your motivation.

If I were in your position, I’d very seriously consider contacting CS-Cart directly and requesting a quote to install the cart and ‘assist’ you in converting your site over. I don’t know what they’d charge, but it would save you tons of time and headscratching. They wouldn’t have to do all the work, just make sure the cart is configured and you know what is required in your html so you can finish the job.

if you dont need the front end , dont use it. Use your existing site…

to be able to make a link )submit “add to cart” for your current products to the check-out end of the shopping cart… You just need to populate those products into the database in the cart- yes it will show it the front end - but you wont be using that - but you will have to copy the form "add to cart’ buttons from the source of the front end and paste them to your existing front end…

i would remove any links on the check-out templates that may take you to the shopping cart front -end - also - u can optionally change those to match your existing front end…

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