just arrived from x-cart


my name is stefano cecere, from italy

i discovered cs-cart yesrteday (after having spent the last month tweaking with x-cart), and after just 12 hours i bought my first license…

i know it was a bit “compulsory”… but cs-cart looks so good and promising…

now i have a few days to convert my 80% developed shop with cs-cart… i know i’ll loose some feature (like special offers and payments extra charges)… but i hope they’ll come soon.

i just wanted to greet the cs-cart community!



i am new here too. cs cart is a great program. i bought it afterspending 2 hours on the demo. i had spend 2 months trying to get 2 other “carts” working but cs cart had all the features i was trying to get. in only 1 week i had caught myself back up.

everyone here is great and knowledgable,

Welcome, Glad you don’t have to get headaches of X-Crap anymore…

Hi guys,

I’m lucky… Just before I decided to go with X-Cart I stumbled across CS! Phew.


You saved yourself alot of headaches, time and money choosing CS which includes free many features we would have to pay hundreds for elsewhere.

Welcome Krur! Another X refugee…


CS is awesoe you will enjoy it