Junk user profiles being registered

My site is on Cs-cart 2.1.3. Everyday I have hundreds of junk user profiles being created in the user database with names like these “Keymekwdszsxs Keymekwdszsxs”. How is this happening although I don't see any users online in my stats. Is that a hidden script that is running in the background? Anybody facing same kind of issue and can help me with a solution. I am tired of deleting them daily to prune my mailing list. I know I can use captcha but I would want a permanent fix for this.

Any help will be appreciate.

Are you using the “Captcha code” for new user registration? If not, you should so that it will ignore all these automated methods that are simply POSTING data to ?dispatch=profiles.add

Definitely follow Tony's advice and enable the captcha code. You'll also need to tell your server admins to install; --with-gd --enable-gd-native-ttf for the captcha to work.

We had the exact same issue you are facing in another vendors ecommerce software (dozens of daily registrations) and the reason they are doing it is to inject some code into your website in order to either hijack the mail server (send spam) or to set up a phishing site. (Our old website had a dummy Paypal registration page asking users to input their login details!)

Thanks you guys. I have enabled the Captcha and stopped this from happening.

Happened to me as well and captcha helped, it is strange why they even attempt with garbage information on all lines and for what reason? I have had on this version and all the way back to 1.3.5 where some even do it by hand for several signups or register with captcha and they still type in garbage for names city zip is 123456 and what are they gaining, how can they even hack your site by doing these registrations it it so senceless I do not know why they waste time doing it.

Usually it's because you send them an email as a result of signup. They look at the header info in the email and look for ways to exploit your email server for spamming…