js banner

does anyone know how to get this configured to cs cart?


I have been loking for a js banner you have in your website… I have tried almost all people have announced in this forum but I have found errors in almost all of them. Your looks like works perfect in all browsers.

Would you please share it in case it were open source??

Thanks in advance

That banner was coded by Coding Staff.

The banner is really great and has a ton of options.

You can purchase the banner at [url]http://www.codingstaff.com/products/cs-cart-addons/js-banner[/url]

There are also a couple of free ones on the forum that I really like. You can see one of them in action on my home page. Just click the link in my signature to check it out.

Although the free ones are nice, the definitely don’t have the features like the Coding Staff one does.


Uh oh Brandon. You mentioned the nasty word “purchase” here on the forum…

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Uh oh Brandon. You mentioned the nasty word “purchase” here on the forum…[/quote]

Let me find my banstick :rolleyes:

If someone here has a lot of money, I would like him or her buy a paid js slideshow for me … meanwhile I have to ask how to do it… :smiley:

Thanks in advance