jQuery update

It would be nice if there was a core update in jQuery to 1.3 or perhaps 1.4

I tried updating it since it doesn’t work with a number of jquery plugins, but certain pages didn’t quite load right with 1.4, and other different pages wouldn’t quite load right with 1.3.

I think I used 1.3.1 and 1.4.2

Ended up modding the plugin to use older functions. No $.support or $.isArray in 1.2

CS-Cart has written their own extensions to JQuery. They are supposed to be updating this in a future version, but who knows when. There was a response (dated 8/20/09) in another thread :



Jquery 1.4 is the way to go and this is why…



Someone should post this as an idea in the UserVoice/Ideas area. I am out of votes or I would do it.


Nice Find ETInteractive, I think with a little jquery love, cs-cart could rock - lets hope it is sorted soon

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]Jquery 1.4 is the way to go and this is why…



According to that page, noConflict() has been available since v.1. Have you tested for it in the CSC jQuery version? I’m guessing we could use Mootools or another library in CSC with noConflict() to get modern javascript functionality.


Unfortunately I cant find the original article I read about this and v1.4 but it was an in-depth article to allow other libraries to be used and called w/o blowing up jQuery.

i didnt realize it was avail since v1.0 but nonetheless. good to know.


What I don’t understand is that after comparing the version of jquery to CS’s version, there is nothing remotely the same between the two. So I am not sure what part CS is using or not. CS’s version is smaller as well.

There is a lot of js that CSC implemented themselves rather than using what’s out there.

There are so many really good plugins that they could have just used instead. It would give them plenty of options and updates and such could be checked and added to new versions of the cart. I don’t get them.