Jquery Unassigning Itself After Loading

We have a CS-Cart store that we recently moved the directories on. After the move, we have found that the Javascript on the home page is not working correctly. A number of $(document).ready() events aren't working correctly and are throwing a TypeError: $ is not a function error.

After stepping through the concatenated file, we have narrowed the problem down. The file is processed correctly but after the first $(document).ready() event is called, jQuery seems to unassign itself. IE both the jQuery and $ variables are unset.

We have access to a wayback machine copy of the site and that seems to work properly. If we copy the old javascript file across though, we get the same error. This fact seems to suggest that it is some other mechanism that is causing the problem.

The $(document).ready() event that does work is the /js/tygh/ajax.js file. Even if we comment that event out, the next ready event fails.


1. After changing the directory, did you change the web server configuration or did you modify the config.local.php file?
2. Have the rights to the catalogs changed?
3. Have you deleted the / var / cache directory on the server?
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