Journey to CS-Cart

Hey All,

I’m curious as to how you all found CS-Cart and if you made the move from another shopping cart program. I believe I found CS-Cart as a Featured Product when I did a search for shopping cart software. I was one of the first purchasers of X-Cart and plan on migrating all of my stores over to CS-Cart as I feel it is a more superior product and has great potential, not to mention the exceptional support staff. If this type of post is frowned upon by the CS-Cart team, please accept my apologies.

Zen-Cart… which i still also use… this cart was the first of all the pay carts to impress me with their default features considering they are less than a year old. Xcart is ok, but the skins are horrible. Sunshop looked pretty good, but was lacking a lot of features.

Zen-cart still the best feature wise… but its quite blocky and the interface is ugly… but the community is that of osCommerce so it has lots of community made contribs/mods. CS-Cart is really designer looking… and its getting better quickly I see as the cs-cart guys do get a lot done in only a couple months. They seem to be on the right track and their price tag is well worth it, unlike some other pay carts that can’t even do realtime shipping or coupon codes.

hmmmmmm? 60 views and 1 REPLY! c’mon people, this is a discussion board :roll:

A+Store (ASP script), was last i used, and that was 3 years ago, now i needed another shop, and stumbeled upon CS-Cart, and im happy with it. :slight_smile:

Hi All

I have several cart systems, one is X-Cart :oops: not completely condemning it as it is a powerfull system with some good features.

But then came CS-Cart :lol: Excellent and on its way up the ranks, already recommended it to a few friends for its (Speed, Validation-HTML and CSS, Features, Tidy code, up to date Smarty, etc.)

I also find it to be a more superior product and has great potential, for over twelve months i have not felt confident to go live with X-Cart, i feel more than confident with CS-Cart, I hope that they keep the standard going and don’t fall into X-Carts shoes.

Just about to order full customization. :lol:

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But then came CSS-Cart :lol: Excellent and on its way up the ranks, already recommended it to a few friends for its (Speed, Validation-HTML and CSS, Features, Tidy code, up to date Smarty, etc.)


Hmm… CS-Cart and CSSCart are two different things… I assume you mean CS-Cart. CssCart is an overprice javascript crap cart that thinks they will get $1000 for a free paypal shop.


Sorry CS-Cart to many late nights going through CSS-Style Sheets.

Thanks :oops:

WOW almost 50% from X, does that suprise you? :lol:

I moved from Actinic which I lothed it was the worst cart at the worst price especially for a start-up business. Back end support was slow at best, I have told several friends about cs-cart and they seem really interested.

Cs-cart is easy to use, looks fresh and is up-to-date, I happened to find the shopping program through Hot Scripts after spending hours trawling the search engines, so the best kept secrets are always the hardest to find!!. :wink:

Hey sno,

I think we’re gonna see that “X” jump significantly over the next few months.

no doubt, the structure and notes included in the .tpl’s and .css files are easier to understand and make modifications. I spent about 6 hrs last night getting familiar and building the new store with CS in which X would have taken twice as long. Their are a few W3C errors that need to be fixed in CS.


Can you post those errors in the bug forum or at the helpdesk?


well i used a program called Powershop, which not only turned out to be pretty much useless (for $150), but also turned out to be owned by only one person, who was the entire support team and everything, just changing his name. And he just copied the Clickcart program, and changed the name. Basically it was a scam, because after about 5 days of purchasing the program, he completely stopped responding to e-mails…so my advice, do not buy Powershop

I have used xcrap for a long time.

I now am looking to get the modders pulled over to this platform to enable me to get all of my mods to work with this platform and I will then get the remaining stores from that platform over to this one.

They can’t rot in hell fast enough for me.

Yea, I already sold 1 of my xcrap licenses, I felt pretty bad doing so, like selling someone of car with a blown headgasket.

I am searcing now trying to get rid of one of my bundles.

Cart, affiliate and cofugurator. May have to go to ebay to dump it.

balinor said he is full up on them from people leaving LMAO.

Where they going? CSCART!!! ha

put’em up for sale on the xcrap forums, mine sold in 2 days.

For those that are not banned that is perfect.

I am banned for speaking out against xcart business practices. So, I am screwed

I selected other because I have used several of the listed carts, and several that are not listed.

I have had a long journey through several different shopping cart platforms over the last couple of years. When I set up my online store a few years ago, I started with a hacked together PHP catalog script to be used with Mal’s ecommerce solution.

Shortly after I set up the store, I learned about osCommerce and spent about a year getting very little accomplished because of the difficulty of updating code and making mods to the code.

I then heard about Zen Cart, which was a fork of osCommerce that offered a few improvements over osCommerce, such as templates, and database abstraction, but the code releases began taking longer and longer with each release to the point that after nearly 16 months at version 1.2, they finally released version 1.3. Unfortunately, even after such an extended time frame, very few improvements and features were added to the code, and many “promises” that they previously made were left out.

In the process of working with those open source / GPL programs, I came across X-Cart. It seemed to offer alot of features and there were quite a few mods available from third parties, so I decided to purchase a license. Although it has some decent features, it also seemed to be fairly laden with usability issues and bugs. I also noticed alot of problems regarding service, etc., via their forums, which I unfortunately did not have access to until after I bought a license. In the end, I never used X-Cart, and I have an unused license sitting around. Anybody need a discounted license? :wink:

I then decided to check out some hosted solutions and came across Volusion, which in my opinion is the most feature rich application available on the market today. I spent over a month testing and evaluating Volusion, but eventually gave up on it for a couple of reasons. First of all, there was very limited access to the code. Secondly, the code was ASP instead of PHP. Third, you had to host with them on their servers. I was willing to overlook those issues, and pay almost $200 a month because of the features they offered, but then I ran into major concerns. They recently released a new version of their cart, and nearly every page I tested had multiple bugs. I made several dozen bug reports and a small handful were fixed quickly, but others were not fixed at all over a 5 week period. As well, they on several occasions broke other parts of the code when allegedly fixing a bug. The problem with this is that they would “patch” all of their hosted accounts, without notice, with the updated code that contained new bugs. On occasion, this broke people’s carts and potentially caused alot of lost business for the store owners. This, I was not willing to risk. On a side note, I would recommend that the CS-Cart developers take a look at the feature list (or even a demo account) of Volusion as inspiration for many nice features. Just don’t implement any of the bugs. :roll:

So… after hitting the search engines again, I came across CS-Cart. Although CS-Cart is fairly young and does not currently have as many features as most of the other carts that are available, it does have some strong points which have lead me to purchase a license.

First of all, I was impressed with the cleanness of the shopping cart. Although I will eventually be creating my own templates for CS-Cart, I can say that CS-Cart has a base layout that could be used right out of the box that would not embarrass me to use it. osCommerce and Zen Cart look absolutely pathetic, and X-Cart is not much better. Volusion does also have a very nice default layout and look, but it has other issues.

I was also impressed with the regular release schedule to date. It appears that a new version has been release every couple of months, with many nice improvements. If this keeps up, CS-Cart will soon be a leader in this industry and not just a new kid on the block. I would even suggest that making more frequent releases with a smaller number of new features may be even better. It shows more development activity, and keeps current customers excited about the new features they can implement into their shops. I believe this would go a long way to increasing the popularity of CS-Cart.

Finally, apart from the reasonable price, access to the code, and the use of PHP, MySQL, Smarty, etc., one other thing that impressed me was the fact that CS-Cart was willing to give me trial access to the forums so that I could see first hand what the customers were saying, what new features were being scheduled, and what the community was like. I felt much more comfortable jumping on board when I had that information available to me.

So, that is the long introduction to how I got here. I just received my license today, so I will now begin to dig into the code over the next couple of days. I hope to be creating a few mods to the code and releasing them to the community over the next weeks, but I am going to wait to see what 1.3.3 has before I spend too much time coding. I also hope to coordinate any of the larger mods with the development team if possible, so as to not duplicate any code they are working on.

I look forward to being a part of this community.


Welcome Eric, and thanks for the very informative reply!