Joomla & Virtuemart VS CS Cart

[quote name=‘joe’]I think it is the problem of your hosting. Which hosting are you using now?[/QUOTE]

Hosting is same for both:


Fast for VM, slow for CS.

Page Load Speed 0 - 10 sec: ~83%

Page Load Speed 0 - 4 sec: ~61%


I don’t know why my Virtuemart website is so successful

And why my CS-Cart website is so unsuccessful

Should I transfer my old (and no more updated) Virtuemart successful website on CS-Cart?

Yes, you cannot sell more with Virtuemart, because VM does not manage promotion (or so badly and so few… Only one, I need to break code to add another one…)

On another hand, I’m afraid of the very low conversion rates of my CS-Cart website…

They could jeopardize my business

Lee Li Pop

Thank you Lee for sharing your story.

It will be nice to share some numbers to see if the Googlebot looks more clear the Virtuemart than it looks at CS-cart.

My goal conversion rate(sell page) with cs-cart is 1.85%, so is not as low as 0.5, but may be the metrics are different.


I found something that could be relevant.

Googlebot besides looking at words, it looks at the html code, and something that has for example


will be rank better than

A quick look at virtue mart and cs-cart 2.0 with “firebug” shows that the title of feature products in virtuemart are in the form of

and in cs-cart is in


CS-Cart is amazing for seo, I had nothing but problems with virtuemart. Problem is with Virtuemart the developers are all doing it for free, and pretty much all the features missing from virtuemart are built into CS-cart.

However Joomla is still my favorite CMS, and I think that if you want to add content then you should probably stick with Joomla, as CS-cart is kind of limited in that respect. Conversion rates with CS-Cart are roughly double that of VM on similar products, so people who are looking to buy do so more with CS-Cart

Hi Lee,

what is your view now comparing VM with CS-cart?

What I think the lack of more templates give the wrong impression that cs-cart is weak. And the current templates available are over the $100, with no guaranty of support for each release.

In VM with $50 you have a nice looking shopping cart running in no time. There is a new template every week and it give the impression that the cart is powerful, but it is very basic.

What a really like in cs-cart is the import csv feature. Now I’m learning how to customize it.

Hello Colortone,

Well… It’s quite difficult to say. I make 80% of my money with VM, so, I can’t fire on it.

CS-Cart is now as fast as VM with my boosting experience:

1 - [url][/url]

2 - [url][/url]

And with my others steps.

On the other hand, my VM engine is old now - Joomla base: 2006 + Virtuemart base: 2008 -.

SEO with VM is NOT an issue, because I use a URL rewiting addon by a French engineer made only for me and himself: Zero duplicate content and so Fast!

For ROI comparison. Difficult to say too, because my flagship site is my VM.

Now, I stop for years to develop VM. I only work with CSC. I really love Smarty template.

For now, I develop a new website with CSC 212 with a vertical module made by CSC developing team as this one:


Demo is there:


I project to go with CSC 212 in 2011 with two new websites, however, CSC is very bad with image SEO: Google only find thumbs :frowning:

While VM is very nice.

Nota Bene: 20% of my visitors come with “Google image”.

If I change VM for CSC, I loose 20% of traffic…

Why this difference? Because in CSC the “open big image link” is hidden in a Javascript link… Bots cannot crawl Javascript link. Just my humble opinion. I don’t know how to deal with…

However, with CSC I will have a last generation shopping cart experience for my customers.

Difficult to change.

Lee Li Pop