Joomla Intergrations! (bridge)

Joomla Intergrations!!! (bridge)

And what’s the point if CS has CMS already built in?

but the built-in of CS cart is lack of functionality. Joomla is a powerful CMS.

Hello jennyngo24,

You’re right. You need to be powerful if you install more than 3 plugins on Joomla…

Because, Joomla becomes very painful when you need to upgrade or maintain your website.

Lee Li Pop

I find current joomla much easier to maintain and update than cs-cart except the past native version for the big update. Joomla is also easier to manage for template and cms wise . It may also open doors to joomla users.

(This is also important for cs cart if they want to add the popularity) What I would fear is that it would easier to be targeted by hackers for cs-cart working under joomla and increase the risks which is vital for shopping carts

I would say… expand CMS functionality in CS and leave things as they are. Check on Virtuemart and the pain people have when upgrading. One day, Joomla gets security updates and the other day VM.

I prefer to stay focused on selling products rather than on checking 2 websites everyday for updates.

Yes expand the CMS functionality is important.

For example, I have a selling book site. I want to post news related to books and review.

The current news function is very basic and it is not powerful enough.

Just my 2 cents.