Joomla Component

Is there a Joomla 2.5 component for CS-CART Pro?? and if not what would it cost to create one??

thnx chris

Hi there chris,

What do you mean by joomla component?

Joomla has over 4800 components most of them for the version 1.5, that can transform a joomla site to almost anything you wish.

So what do you have in mind for Cs-cart?


So that if you have a Joomla site you can have CS-Cart as the shopping cart for that site under Joomla just like Virtuemart Component. Everything is connected ie. login info etc… Do you know about Joomla and components intergration ?


I know Joomla realy well but you are talkning about two different worlds. Cs-cart is based on smarty tpl, joomla is php.

So it is a realy tough job to make them work together as intergrated. They both use mysql, but thats all.

You could ask one of the developers in here to give a quote if you have an exact project description.


Thanks i kinda figured that. thanks for the reply…have a great weekend…stay safe!! oh my Avitar pic doesnt look safe :-)