Javascript weekly reminders script?


I Googled for a couple hours the other day with no luck, perhaps one of you guys could help me out…

I’m looking for a simple javascript to add to the admin area which will popup a reminder say once a week, or on set dates.

The reason for this is I am very forgetful - I would like a weekly reminder for myself to change the featured products, homepage areas etc.

I’m sure there must be one out there somewhere…


Why don’t you use a desktop app for this? There are plenty of them. It would be more reliable than a javascript and doesn’t require you to login to the cart.

Cute Reminder is one.

I haven’t really considered this… Main problem would be that I use 3 systems, home, laptop and office so I’d have to set it all up 3 times.

I’ll check some of them out though and see.

Thanks for the reminder (sorry!)