Javascript loading issues

Hi All,

Hopefully someone can help with this problem as it's been bugging me all day lol

I am trying to get a dropdown list that is populated on page load, when the first dropdown box has a selection made it then populates a second dropdown box… quite simple and I used to have this running on my old 1.3.5 cart very well, but on the upgrade route somewhere along the line it stopped working and I decided to remove it.

I used to be able to call the js in the body tag like so

and I think I saw an explanation as to why this would no longer work on CS-Cart a couple of years ago.

Now I would like to put it back on and use it in my new V3.0.6 cart, I have tried several different techniques that are supposed to load js without using the body option such as:

window.onload = fillCategory;


window.onload = fillCategory();

because there's conflicting opinions on whether the () are needed… grrr

Now I believe window.onload is deprecated and there are other newer options but I cannot really understand any of the tuts, been a long time since I did any real coding and my head hurts these days lol, anyone have a fairly easy example of how I could get this to work please?



Nevermind, you can still use onload in the body :confused:

My problem was to do with my jump script being written in php I believe, I have now converted it to javascript and it seems to be working just fine :)