Javascript Bug ! Options AJAX & Product Detail Tabs not working in Internet Explorer

On some product detail pages for the cart I’m developing, the tabs:

* Features

* Description

* Send to friend

* Tags

* etc.

won’t work in Internet Explorer ( 7 & 8 )( works fine in FF ), nor does the ability to select options and have the price change, and have the next option become available. The AJAX gif just spins and spins and locks the page up completely.

But on some products things do work. It seems the javascript will only work for products that have only a couple of options.

The IE Developer’s Tools shows the following javascript error:

Invalid argument. jquery.simpletip-1.3.1.js, line 24 character 7
```<br />
where line 24 corresponds to the first line of this:<br />
      var tooltip = jQuery(document.createElement('div'))<br />
                     .addClass(conf.baseClass)<br />
                     .addClass( (conf.fixed) ? conf.fixedClass : '' )<br />
                     .addClass( (conf.persistent) ? conf.persistentClass : '' )<br />
                     .html(conf.content)<br />
```<br />
<br />
which led me to find this:<br />
[URL=""]Not working properly in IE7 using jQuery 1.2.6[/URL]<br />
<br />
But thought "HA!!! Who still uses Jquery 1.2.6!!!"  :\<br />
<br />
I have :<br />
+ cleared the cache using &cc >>> problem persists<br />
+ manually cleared the cache by deleting the files from the server >>> problem persists<br />
+ tried switching back to the basic skin >>> problem persists<br />
+ have reuploaded all of the files for the cart >>> problem persists<br />
<br />
<br />
here's an example of a product where the tabs work properly:<br />
[URL=""]Tabs & AJAX work[/URL]<br />
<br />
and here's an example where the tabs don't work:<br />
[URL=""]Tabs & AJAX do NOT work[/URL]<br />
<br />
So it seems that my options (and/or exceptions) are somehow interfering with the jquery simpletip library.<br />
<br />
Sounds like a bug maybe ????<br />
<br />
Any ideas and/or help will be greatly appreciated

Check your options for invalid characters. Not sure you can use -none-, the - character may be invalid.

Thanks for the response.

The options work fine with the extra characters as I just discovered that the problem is indeed a conflict between the simpletip library and jquery 1.2.6.

One of the options was using a tooltip to convey extra information about the option. As soon as I remove the tooltip by deleting the option description in the product options area, everything works properly.

So it wasn’t anything to do with invalid characters.

CS-Cart has chosen to use two javascript libraries that don’t play nice together.

Thanks for the help.

This is a CS-Cart bug as far as I’m concerned