Java Scripts? Does Anyone Know What These Two Scripts Are?

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know what these two scripts are?

The first a rotating banner type script I found on this website:



I already have a rotating banner, but I really like the way this rotating banner works and in appearance…instead of small little dots represents the different rotating pictures, this script has a nice listing/summary of the rotate pictures/products.

The second script is new on eBay and might be something custom to eBay only.


This script is like the ‘return to top of page’ type script which appears as you scroll down through the product listing so you can click an instantly return to the top of the page. This script, the large banner appears when you scroll down some in the page…but what i really like is that is it puts the Add to Cart/Buy it now type button always on the page so the shopper does not have to scroll back to the top to search and click the add to cart button.

Does anyone know what scripts these are?

Thanks!! :)