I've paid and still limited access to this forum

I’ve now bought a licenses as that seemed to be the only way to access this forum (even though i wanted to ask some questions before i bought the product).

But even though i have registered on the forum via the help desk (and that sees me as regiterd on the forum) this is the only forum i can post in “why cs cart”).

It has been a nightmare trying to get this sorted and unnecessary. This is the ONLY forum i have EVER joined when you cant leave a message straight away after replying to a security email.

When i do leave a message it takes ages for the message to appear…sometimes days…whilst i have to plough through the software (NOW PAID FOR) to sort out issues.

There needs to be a better way and i need to post/reply in other forums sections and have it done immediately. What does full access mean!

Help desk sorted my problem…all ok now

I’m glad you got it sorted out. We used to have another section where people who were not registered could post but the amount of spam we received daily was prohibitive so we closed it.