Items included in gross total

I posted a bug about the gross total, but was told it’s working as designed. I wanted to see what other people thought.

I considered the gross total to be the total of all monies coming in, paid or unpaid, including all fees that might be incurred by paypal or whatever payment service that was used.

I thought it to be a bug that it would include Failed and Canceled orders. Failed orders are a bug in the cart, it seems ridiculous that that would even be considered. And canceled orders, well, they’re canceled… I suppose that would be the status someone would put a returned item in as well.

Should Canceled/Failed/Returned orders be part of gross total? I think it skews the gross total and makes it entirely useless.

No business in the world calls an order an order until its paid, till then its just an enquiry. This is almost as bad as the invoice being sent to the customer as soon as they order??


I generally agree that the order totals should reflect the actual sales (not including failed orders). It get a bit trickier with returned items - since they were originally included in sales when the order was made, they should be subtracted from any sales total (or noted separately as credit memos). I think the same is true for canceled orders.

I’d like to see something like this:

Processed $9999.99
Completed $9999.99
Other status $9999.99
[B]Total orders: $99999.99[/B]
[COLOR="Red"]Credit memos $9999.99-[/COLOR]
[B]Gross Total: $99999.99[/B]

It would also be nice if there was an expanded view that gave the totals for all statuses rather than simply grouping it into “Other status”

All of our final orders are set to ‘Shipped’. Though there is a uservoice idea talking about more control with the statuses.

But I considered failed/canceled orders in the gross total a bug. Apparently they don’t think so: